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Omni-Chain environment
Vizing, an omni interoperability environment built on advanced zk technology, provides a faster, more affordable, and safer Ethereum ecosystem roaming experience!
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What's Vizing
Vizing is named after mathematician Vadim Georgievich Vizing, who contributed to graph theory with Vizing's theorem. Graph theory forms the foundation of zero-knowledge proofs. Just as Vizing's theorem revolutionized graph theory, our vision is to revolutionized the roaming experience within the Ethereum ecosystem.


User transactions are recorded on Ethereum L1 using zk technology, with data availability from Layer 2s verifiable on L1. Strict arbitration ensuring the security of cross-chain messages.


Optimistically transmit messages to minimize performance loss and reserve time blocks to ensure message delivery security, while reducing arbitration costs through zero-knowledge proofs.


In the Vizing omni-chain environment, users have the ability to choose between Relayer and Validator to transmit messages. Simultaneously, any developer can easily integrate omni-chain communication functionality through our provided development documentation.

Operational Model of Vizing
Based on Ethereum's security model, data generated in Vizing's omni-chain environment will ultimately be compressed to L1 using zk technology for verification and arbitration.
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Endgame of omni-chain environment
Vizing Station
Vizing Station is a Type-1 zkEVM operating environment based on zk technology, serving as the access point for full-chain Dapps and the aggregation entry point for zk-proofs in the Vizing omni-chain environment.
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Omni Account Abstraction
Omni account abstraction is fully compatible with the ERC4337 protocol. It possesses the ability to seamlessly roam between various Layer2 solutions, effectively eliminating the sense of fragmentation among different Layer2s.
Aggregate zk-proofs
Aggregate zk-proofs integrate a variety of heterogeneous Layer2/Layer3 Zero-Knowledge Proof, effectively reducing their verification costs on Ethereum L1.
How to onboard onto the Vizing omni-chain environment
Omni-chain Dapps can swiftly access omni-chain communication capabilities by simply integrating Vizing's smart contract SDK.
Build Docs
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.23;

import {VizingOmni} from "@Vizing/contracts/Vizingomni.sol";

contract MyOmniChainDApp is VizingOmni {
  bytes1 public immutable dAppBridgeMode;
  address public immutable selectedRelayer;
  uint16 public immutable deployChainId;
    address _vizingPad;
    address _myRelayer;
    bytes1 defaultBridgeMode
  ) VizingOmni(_vizingPad) {
    dAppBridgeMode = _defaultBridgeMode;
    selectedRelayer = _myRelayer;
    deployChainId = LaunchPad.ChainId();
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